The world is often an unfair place, and the history of the country is sometimes tempting to rewrite. At all times, Ukrainians have had to undergo many ordeals. Sadly enough, in its 28 years of independence, Ukraine has had to deal with war. The year 2014 will live forever in our memory as a turning point, and for 5 years Ukrainians have been struggling with this turning point. The war in eastern Ukraine is an unfair cruel twist of fate. But soldiers continue to fight for justice and peace, putting their carefree youth at risk.
We could not look on idly at what was happening. The beginning of the anti-terrorist operation in Luhansk and Donetsk regions was the impetus for us to create a charitable foundation. The activity of our charitable organization is aimed at direct help to the military personnel of the ATO zone, as well as to children from the frontline zones and displaced persons.
Our team communicates directly with the military and is aware of all the immediate problems and needs. We regularly travel to the war zone. Since the old equipment was unsuitable for combat, we purchased modern European vehicles back in 2015. Now we supply the ATO zone with car parts, tools for repairing vehicles, protective ammunition, optical equipment and medicines.
We are particularly concerned about the children who have had to endure the horror of war. They are like our own children to us, we know their dreams and try to make them come true. Your donations and humanitarian aid make it possible to send clothes, toys, books and hygiene products to children from the front zones. We try to make these kids happy on every holiday - Santa Claus hasn't left them! Our work is also aimed at supporting kindergartens and schools in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. We hold concerts and festivals to develop children culturally and introduce them to their peers from different regions of Ukraine.

Our Mission:

To connect those who want to help with those who need help. We strive to make quality, innovative projects by a professional foundation team with a wide range of partners and donors.

Our mission:

financially, psychologically and legally, sick children and adults, children without parental care, families in difficult life situations;

We help seriously ill children and adults.

Our tasks:

✔️To raise funds for drugs, consumables, and equipment for the treatment and rehabilitation of children and adults, including palliative care;
✔️Provide psychological support to families of seriously ill children and adults;
✔️To purchase equipment and consumables for medical institutions.

We help children without parental care and families in difficult circumstances.

Our objectives:

✔️Prevent orphanhood by supporting families in crisis situations, including children and adults affected by domestic violence;
✔️To support the institution of foster parenting, providing assistance to foster families and family-type orphanages.

We help people with disabilities, attracting public attention to the problems of medical care, education, employment, accessibility of the environment for people with disabilities in Ukraine.

Our goals:

✔️To make accessible rehabilitation and inclusive education for children with disabilities by supporting the St. John's Center;
✔️To provide legal assistance to families of children with disabilities, including families of children in need of palliative care.

About Us


      We are collecting donations for children affected by war. All the money goes to buy food, clothes, toys and medical treatment for children who suffered because of the war. 



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